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How is Palm Property Management redefining property management on the Sunshine Coast

A Handshake (this is meant to imply How is Palm Property Management redefining property management on the Sunshine Coast)

How Palm Property Management is Redefining Property Management on Sunshine Coast

1. Low Fees with No Hidden Charges

Fees you would expect to pay in addition to your monthly management fee:

  • Monthly and Annual Statement fees

  • Admin, sundry and postage fees

  • Tribunal fees

  • Insurance claim lodgement fees

  • Warranty claim lodgement fees

  • Other maintenance fees

  • TICA Application Fees

At Palm Property Management, our fees are all-inclusive with no additional extras. Just a single, all-inclusive flat fee that is lower than the base fees the market is offering. Our overheads are low and we have decided to pass the savings on to you.

2. Proactive Preventive Maintenance

Rather than neglect your property until you or the tenant complains about some unbearable condition or something major goes wrong that could have easily been prevented, Palm Property Management takes a proactive approach with preventive maintenance always at the forefront. Our service minimizes major costs in the short and long term, keeping tenants happy and well-cared for and keeping your investment as cost-effective as possible.

With almost 20 years of experience in property management, I can take just one walk through the property and identify maintenance issues that could lead to a hefty cost down the road. Issues such as poor maintenance of gutters, unaddressed roof leaks, poor sealing of wet areas such as baths/sinks, and general maintenance around the house that could cause injury to a tenant and liability for an investor.

Palm Property Management maintenance service includes:

  • Regular and thorough routine inspections of the property to catch problems early and maintain good tenant relations in the process

  • Code compliance such as smoke alarms and pool safety kept current as per legislation

  • Detailed entry and exit reports at the commencement and termination of a tenancy – we take an average of 300 to 500 photos for a two-bedroom property

  • Prompt and regular communication is an absolute promise

  • Trusted and competitive tradespeople to ensure the best job is done in the most cost-effective way. Before and after photos provided where necessary

You will always know the condition of your property because we’re taking care of it.

3. Unbeatable Service and Availability

Susan Henley is the owner of the business and will be managing your property personally. You can have peace of mind with this level of consistency. Susan treats your property as if it were her own, giving it the time and care it deserves. If maintenance issues arise, she will fully appraise the issue and will engage a tradesperson upon your instruction.

You will also have 24/7 access to your property via the portal and app. Details for which will be provided to you upon commencement of the management of your property.

With Palm Property Management, you will not be neglected or ignored! We honor strict response times, replying to all phone calls within 4 hours, and all emails within 24 hours if not before. For major issues, you can even reach us out of office hours. We will make ourselves available so you can have peace of mind.

You also receive our Guarantee of On-Time Lease Renewals. We’ve seen many instances where the renewal of the fixed-term lease has not happened in time. This leaves the investment vulnerable and at risk of vacancy at short notice.

Palm Property Management will not let this happen to your property. We commence the lease renewal process three months prior to the end of the lease and upon your instruction, we will market your property 28 days prior to the end of the lease if the tenant has not provided a fixed-term commitment.

How can we provide so much hands-on service?

Because we are an exclusively property management company. We do not engage in the buying and selling of properties. We have chosen to solely focus on what we do best – serving you and your tenants with our full attention and commitment.

4. Caring but Firm Tenant Management

Tenants are not second-class citizens but are often treated like ones. In most cases, they are the second-highest income providers for an investor. They are your clients and therefore our clients. We treat them with respect and empathy as we know that your investment is also their home. We provide our same trademark high level of service and support to them while ensuring that they are educated about and held accountable to their responsibilities.

Our tenant management includes:

  • Zero tolerance on arrears – we take every initiative to keep your payments up to date

  • Management of water usage invoicing and bill payments on time

  • Addressing tenant negligence so that you are not out of pocket

  • Investor court representation, if it becomes necessary – If you have problems with tenants, we will fight for the best possible outcome for you.

Here’s one example of how this feels:

“I had a very difficult tenant. They took us to Qcat and were claiming $7.5k in compensation from their tenancy. Ms. Susan Henley supported and assisted me in a manner that was above and beyond her pay grade. I cannot thank Susan for her tireless efforts and unwavering support. When I was in doubt through the belligerent tactics of [the tenant], she remained a level and calming influence.”

-Christopher, Investor

We won this case on behalf of the investor, who was ordered to make no payment to the tenant.

5. Marketing and Leasing of Your Property

When either party gives the notice to end the tenancy, the clock starts ticking. Many tasks must be completed in order to minimize your property’s vacancy and maximize your return on investment.

We’ve seen many vacant properties stay on the market for too long, causing unrecoverable financial loss for the investor. We ensure that all three requirements to a quick and successful leasing are met (price, presentation, and effective advertising) so that vacancy is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Here’s Palm Property Management’s 8-step marketing and leasing process to keep your rental income flowing:

  • Write and post-effective advertisements highlighting all benefits of the property

  • Advertise your property as a Premierlisting ensuring highest possible views

  • Offer you the option of professional photography of the property

  • Erect an advertisement board (where possible) to increase local interest

  • Advertise your property on social media and other major platforms

  • Open your property for inspection at a time suitable for the tenant during the week and in exceptional circumstances over the weekend

  • Process tenant applications, vetting, rent collection and contract signings fast

  • Provide weekly updates on the progress of the marketing campaign

6. Special Services for New Property Investors

Are you a first-time property investor?

We want this journey to be a successful one for you. We offer a free 30-minute phone call/coffee catch up to discuss your plans and address your concerns. We will take special care to discuss with you all the details of renting out a property. We will not just assume you already know it all. We want you to know how this works, and make sure you know what to expect.

For instance,

  • Do you know how the arrears process works? And what it means for you?

  • Do you know who is responsible for what in terms of maintenance, water on charging, etc?

  • Do you know what insurance is right for you?

Owning a rental property requires a lot of decision making about topics you may not fully understand. We will help you as a new investor understand these processes so that you can instruct with confidence and be informed and empowered to make smart investment decisions.


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