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Prior to Commencement

  • Finding a property

  • Application process

  • Upon Acceptance process

  • Consider Tenant Insurance

  • Commencement Date

During Your Tenancy 

  • Payment of Rent

  • Payment of Water Usage

  • Reporting Maintenance

  • Routine Inspections

  • Lease Renewal

  • Breach Notices

  •  Change of Circumstances

Ending Your Tenancy 

  • Notice to Vacate

  • Return of Keys

  • Return of Your Bond

  • Rental Reference


  • Smoke Alarm Compliance

  • Pool Safety Compliance

Other Resources

  • Weather and Natural Disasters

  • Residential Tenancies Authority

Everything You Need to Know about Renting a Property Managed through Palm Property Management

Prepare your home from Natural Disasters

Notice of Intention to leave

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Information for Tenants

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