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See Why Real Estate Investment Opportunity Is Booming on the Sunshine Coast

A set of Cranes together (this is meant to imply Real Estate Investment Opportunity Is Booming on the Sunshine Coast)

See Why Real Estate Investment Opportunity Is Booming on the Sunshine Coast

While entire books could be written about what makes a smart real estate investment, we can whittle it down to just five key qualities that you hope to find in the area in which you’re considering investing:

  • Strong economy and tourism

  • Growing infrastructure

  • Population growth

  • Stable or rising real estate costs

  • Low vacancy

The Sunshine Coast has become one of the hottest real estate investment markets in all of Australia because it can boast all five of those qualities, and has for some time.

An $18.5 billion economy in 2018, the Sunshine Coast is projected to expand to $33 billion by 2033. This follows a consistent line of growth dating back to 2004, in which time it has exceeded the growth of Australia’s other regional economies, notching an impressive 4.2% clip. That 15-year track record is projected to continue for the next 20 years, according to government data.

What Is Powering the Sunshine Coast’s Remarkably Consistent Long Term Growth?

The region’s growth can be attributed to a combination of smart investments from government and business, and an increasing desire to live and vacation near beautiful beaches in sunny weather.

Currently, the Bruce Highway, which serves as Queensland’s major freight corridor, and serves commuters and tourists as well, is undergoing a $1.6 billion expansion. Light rail and high-speed rail are also in the mix, as well as an expansion to the airport which will make the Sunshine Coast a sought-after international destination.

There is a new city centre being developed in Maroochydore, a $1.8 billion teaching hospital campus, and growing business, technology, and retail precinct near the University of Sunshine see all the things you can do.

A Business-Friendly Region

With nearly 32,000 registered businesses as of 2019, the Sunshine Coast continues to attract more. It features the lowest payroll tax rate in all of Australia, currently at 4.75%. That, coupled with the highest payroll tax exemption rate of $1.1 million, makes this area the most business-friendly place in the nation, from a tax perspective.

That’s probably why the local government was able to get so many businesses to tell their stories on video


Job growth in the area has been powered by multiple sectors including finance, professional business services, health care, and education. It has also seen export growth. These underlying strengths point to long term growth and stability in the area, prime conditions for smart real estate investment.

In other words, the ‘Sunshine’ has an upside. And now is the time to invest in real estate in this area if you want to capitalize on all that growth.

The One Thing Every Real Estate Investor Needs

Unless you intend to manage your property yourself and deal with all the paperwork, upkeep, tenant issues, and repair work that managing a property entails, you will need property management service.

Management fees on average on the Sunshine Coast start upwards of 8.5% of the gross annual rent in addition to a bunch of additional monthly, annual and once-off fees.

Palm Property Management offers an all-inclusive cost-effective property management package that is lower than the market average. For the fee we provide we provide the kind of property management service every landlord wishes for, but seldom finds. You will be pleased and relieved to work with us because we take care of your property as if it were our own.


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